A win bonus may be set for your players to be extra motivated for the next game!
Although old players are likely to retire after a couple of seasons, their low cost and high abilities still make them a wise investment. The use of mature premier league players will help you rise up from the lower divisions.

High performance youngsters are also worth signing up. A good way of improving them is to bring them on a sub when your team is a few goals up. They will invariably get a good rating which will increase their value for the future.
Use a good tactics can help you to score !

Buy peole at the start of the season, some of them want good wages,can't work with his coach and want to move to a better club and will be OK to join you !

Have a strong team ! At the start of the season, fire all your staff and try to have all "Superb" !
Great Captain : When choosing a captain, choose a player with a high level of influence, preferably close to 20. This increases your teamís ability to create chances and to convert chances into goals.


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