Have lot of Money !

Select New Game, select Tranmere, and you will now have about 34M to spend.

Buy all players !

Do a lower offer for 1st and 2nd try and add only 1£ to the best offert.

Remove old players and have money !

Old players are likely to retire after a couple of seasons. At the age of 30, put them on the transfer list and insure them before new season.

Do great transfers !
On a one-player game, still pick two teams - one for yourself and one with good players and lots of money. Now in the pre-season you will be able to buy their good players for little cost and in return sell them your rubish ones.
Have lot of money !

Sell your players before they aged of 30

Sell your players easily !
In a two-player game, if a computer team expresses an interest in one of your players then get your human counterpart to approach to buy (but don`t actually bid). This will make things nastier for the cash-wielding computer team in question.
Be strong in Europa Cup !
Buy english players, as they will be helpful for Europa cup.
Have a good team, with low money !
Buy young people (from 20 to 26!).
Have a great star in your team !

Buy Nii Lamptey ! And try to sign Gascoigne and Platt every new season ! :)

Keep good players !

"expected to move abroad at the end of season", fine them and sometimes they'll be ok to discuss with you for a new contract ! :)




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