The Championship Manager is a series of British football-management simulation computer games, the first of which was released in 1992.

Championship Manager was the very first game in the popular Championship Manager series of association football management simulation games. The game was originally released on the Amiga[1] and Atari ST in September, 1992 and then ported to the PC DOS platform soon after. The game was written by Paul and Oliver Collyer (the co-founders of Sports Interactive) in their bedroom.

In 1993, Intelek and Ubisoft used the Collyers' game code to produce a version for the French market, known as Guy Roux Manager (named after the legendary AJ Auxerre manager). It was fully localised for France and included the French first and second divisions as playable leagues, and all text and commentary in French. The Guy Roux Manager franchise has since become a very popular and long running franchise in France with games on many platforms.

Also in 1993, the first Norwegian version was released, and the year later, an Italian version. While the Norwegian version was very much similar to the English one, in the Italian version you could substitute up to 4 players in any game and the transfer deadline occurred much earlier in the season. Both the Norwegian and Italian versions featured real named players though, adding to the popularity of the game .


Championship Manager 93/94 refers to the second installment in the Championship Manager series of football management computer games.

This game improved on the original in many ways - by far the most significant change was the use of real player names for the first time. This was the one major feature which the game had lacked in comparison to its rivals. Other key features to be introduced in this game included the following:

The CM93/94 engine was the basis for Championship Manager Italia. This was a version that simulated the top two divisions of Italian football (Serie A and Serie B). There was also a 1995 seasonal update released for this game.

The 1993/94 Season Data Up-Date Disk was a seasonal update disk that updated the game's database to reflect player and club changes for the 1993/94 season.

The End of 1994 Season Data Up-Date Disk was an end of season update disk that updated the game's database to reflect player and club changes for the end of 1993/94 season.

Championship Manager '93 2012/13 is a hack of the game by neljan to celebrate 20 years of Championship Manager!

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There was also a little-known Norwegian-language version called Championship Manager Norge or CM Norge which simulated the Norwegian League.

Source : Wikipedia.

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